The importance of taking a break

Do you want to get something done? Ask a busy person. Even better if this person is also a goal-oriented high-achiever. They will find a way to accomplish any mission. Until recently, I thought that was amazing! Maybe because that person was me. I chose to complete anything at hand even if I wasn’t allocating the available amount of time on it, checking if it belonged to my priorities or cramping it with a million of other different things. Still, I would happily do it.

Sometimes intelligent, hard-working and inspiring people wear proudly the “badge” of bysyness and feel proud for it. However, this will undoubtedly lead to a serious burnout that will leave no room for anything else to exist. And it will be scary.

Recovering from it, you will find out that sanity is just a “small break” away. Let us protect ourselves and stay physically and mentally healthy by learning how to take a break.

Let’s take a break from studying!

No matter how high our goal is to achieve a degree, pass a test with flying colors or learn a language at a specific amount of time, the significance of having frequent breaks is an understatement. Since we are organized enough to have placed such goals, subsequently we are responsible enough to keep ourselves accountable for the time of our breaks. So, don’t worry that just because you are taking a break you are falling behind! It is more than certain that this break will clear your head and allow you to come back more focused and ready to assimilate the information you are receiving.

Let’s take a break from work!

Having a routine at work is a hallmark for productivity. Starting at a specific hour, having meetings every Thursday, responding to emails at the end of the day, are elements that help you remain stable and boost your results. However, these work-routines should allow space for adaptability in your personal program and energy. Routine should not become inflexibility. Sometimes it is easy feeling guilty for taking a break, yet if you do not, you cannot continue at top speed throughout the entire day, let alone week. So, the best time for taking a break is when you feel like it and have the confidence that your upcoming results will be far more impressing.

Let’s take a break from daily life!

Daily repeated programs offer a sense of comfort and security. However, this often leads to boredom, feeling stuck in a rut and not trying anything new. It is easy to just compare how we feel during traveling to a “normal” day at work. The adventure of discovering new things, exploring other paths, tasting new cuisine fill us with invigoration and excitement that does not exist in our routine. So, let’s introduce new hobbies and habits in our daily life and if it is possible, let’s travel as much as we can!

What are the results of taking those invaluable breaks?

▪ Increased productivity.

While taking breaks may sound counterintuitive, it is exactly that which will guarantee upgraded productivity the moment you come back from the break. On the other hand, lack of having frequent breaks will soon doom us to a slump and lack of energy.

▪ Improved mental and physical well-being.

Chronic anxiety and stress can have a detrimental effect on our mental and physical health leading to burn-outs. By taking small breaks, we put thing in the bigger picture, we step away from things that look impossible just to come back strong and ready to conquer everything. Along with that, we encourage our body to follow healthier habits by walking or eating a healthy snack.

▪ Creativity boost.

After a break, especially a long one, our perspective changes. A challenging problem does not look impermeable. Our mind produces far more ideas that are ready to tackle anything. Even if a problem is not involved, then this creativity brings amazing results in our work, hobbies or during the time with our loved ones.


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  1. I see that we have to add a break from everything every now and then , in order to protect ourselves! Thank you for that kindly reminder, because sometimes we feel so bad for taking a break!

    1. Never feel bad for taking some valuable time for yourself!You will only come back stronger to achieve greater things!

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