Exams in the time of Covid-19

The constant influx of health, social and humanitarian conditions during this pandemic, have rendered 2020 a truly challenging year for students all over the world. No matter the age, object or level of studies, everyone keeps undergoing continuous changes. Traditional face-to-face lessons have been cancelled, online lessons and lectures have replaced them while exams are still on , yet under different form. Almost all of them have been postponed, changed their form or examined material. It is only natural for students to feel confused, anxious and almost lost with all these changes. 

So, how is it possible to stay motivated for success through all that? How can a student stay alert and ready after such a long time of waiting when the exams are finally here?

There are three tips that will help you stay invigorated now that exams are finally approaching.

1. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Yes, that’s right. Take a moment to remember how much you have already accomplished to get here. How many years or months, you have been studying hard while sacrificing other pleasures just because you have set a goal to succeed. Of course when this goal seems more distant due to these unprecedented circumstances, it is easy to loosen up a bit and forget how much you wanted it in the first place. Consider this as a small check. Are some changes of reality able to discourage you from your personal goals and dreams? Or, despite everything, this is your goal and nothing in the world would be able to stop you from achieving it?

2. Stick to a studying routine.

Now, more than ever, you need to keep a stable studying program. When everything around us cannot be organised or fixed, you are responsible to create and keep your very own studying routine. It doesn’t matter how many hours of studying per day it includes, how many revisions or how many breaks as long as it it a program that you have created. That means that it will customised to your needs and general program, so it will be a lot easier to follow it through. Do not let exterior circumstances take you aback and alter your routine. Currently, your studying program is your only assurance. 

3. Include frequent breaks.

Taking into consideration all the changes that have taken place throughout this school year, it is certain that you have lost your studying balance. Either because of lockdowns, you exploited this opportunity to study a lot more, either you fell back on your studying as there were more important work or family issues to attend to, it seems that the way you get prepared for your final exams has become completely different to what it was so far. Some times your studying can go effortlessly with a solid duration and others it was simply impossible to concentrate for more than a second.

In order to tackle with this problem, besides sticking to the studying program that you have personally designed, it is vital to take frequent breaks. Breaks will refresh your mind and enhance your productivity. Especially after this long time of disorganisation and disorientation of studying, it is important to keep going now that exams are finally here. These short but invaluable breaks will definitely boost the assimilation of studied material.

The time of exams is finally here!

Keep in mind that you have all the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed!

Good Luck!

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