Yes or No subtitles?

One of the best ways to practice in the new language is by watching movies with subtitles. It is true that a movie can offer us, in a simple way, the opportunity to absorb the sounds and the pace characterizing a language, hear words and phrases that we have learned in books, now being used […]

Memorizing Vocabulary: The Impossible Task

3 Tips to Conquer the World of Words Trouble memorizing vocabulary while learning a foreign language? Yes, you have finally learned the whole alphabet of a new language. Yes, you have managed to pronounce clearly and spell your very first words correctly in the other language. Yes, you can proudly ask another person what their […]

Lost in Translation?

How can I find the exact translation of what I am trying to say in the foreign language? The question which opens the great gates of the dark infinite abyss swallowing all who are unable to find the answer. Exact and immediate translation of words, and then phrases, and then sentences and then whole paragraphs, […]

Will I ever sound like a native speaker?

Will I ever sound like an English, an American or any other native speaker of the English language? All of us have admired people who speak a foreign language so well that we are certain that there is absolutely no way that English is not their mother tongue or that they have at least lived […]

How long will it take me to learn a new language?

  The 3 most popular myths that answer your question regarding how long learning will take! “It takes years to learn a new language” Maybe the most common answer we ever hear after asking this question. To make matters worse, no matter how many years that person means with this phrase, the other person always […]

8 Ways to improve our memory

Are there ways to improve our memory? How many times have we just entered our office but we can’t remember why we went there in the first place? How many times do we see a person who we have known for years, yet stare at him when he talks to you about the last time […]