Thoughts after examinations…

Today you took your final examinations. You have been tested in hopes of receiving a degree you have been aiming to, for years. Innumerable thoughts seem to still be inundating your mind, making you feel restless instead of relieved…

It is absolutely normal to question yourselves about many things. “Did I structure my essay in the right way? Was I answering the topic or missed the boat?”, “How many spelling mistakes did I make”, “Why did I change so many answers at the end? Was I right to double-check and change my first answer?” and of course finally, “No matter how many mistakes I have made, will my final score allow me to pass the exam?”

Then, there is guilt coming at you… “How smart was I to go to that party last Saturday night instead of staying home to study?”, “Why did I skip lessons during the last tough month of preparations avoiding too much homework and my teacher’s last instructions?”, “Why hadn’t I been studying at an organized rate throughout the whole year but only during the last month?”

Well, all this thinking is absolutely understandable and logical. However, it serves absolutely no purpose at all! The examination time has passed and you did the best you could have possibly done. The end. There is no reason to ponder about all the potential mistakes you have done before and during the exam. Now is the time to relax! Acknowledge that you did everything within your power to pass. Including the mistakes, using wrong techniques, skipping classes, avoiding extra studying. It is all ok.. As long as you can use them as a valuable teacher for the next time!

So, take a deep breath, trust that you have acquired enough knowledge to be able to be proven throughout your exam and stay positive and optimist that you have passed! At this moment, you should rest, both your mind and body…so that you can start again with higher goals!

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