1. Do you have a sister?
    a. Yes, I amb. Yes, I doc. Yes, I haved. Yes, I doing

    2. Where is he from?
    a. He is of Canadab. He is from Canadac. He came from Canadad. His nationality is from Canada

    3. We usually have dinner _________ 8’ o’clock.
    a. Ofb. Inc. Ond. At

    4. Jenny goes ____________ every Saturday.
    a. Shoppingb. For shoppingc. To shoppingd. In shopping

    5. Who’s calling?
    a. I am Tomb. It’s Tomc. It’s Id. This is me

    6. The teacher _____________ on time.
    a. Usually arriveb. Is usually arrivec. Is usually arrivingd. Usually arrives

    7. I wanted to buy a blue sweater but they only had ___________ .
    a. A blackb. A one in blackc. A black oned. One black

    8. James ________________never been to Australia.
    a. Haveb. Hasc. Haven’td. Hasn’t

    9. Sandy had already finished her homework before her parents ___________ home last night.
    a. Would returnb. Returnc. Returnedd. Had returned

    10. He speaks French, ____________ he?
    a. Don’t he?b. Does he?c. Isn’t he?d. Doesn’t he?