6 ways to stay motivated during distance learning

6 Ways to stay motivated during distance learning

The second surge of the global Covid-19 pandemic is here, leading all countries, gradually yet steadily, to local or national lock-downs. Social distance, working from home, restriction of circulation and limited access to public places of entertainment never really left in 2020. However, now in autumn, they are back aggressively.

It is only natural for students all around the world, no matter their object of studies, age, sex, personal or professional status to find it hard to maintain their motivation to pursue their goal. Constant changes regarding all aspects of reality, continuous worry of not being infected, respect towards all measures and financial anxiety, truly leave very little space for positivity and perseverance in our studying.

Here are 6 hacks to help us maintain our motivation through this challenging period:

  1. Re-set your goals.

I know that the moment you began studying, you set a specific goal that you would like to achieve. Maybe it was the acquisition of a foreign language degree, the accomplishment of your University Degree and following graduation, improving your business English, freshening up your French as you had travel or moving plans and the list goes on.. 

It is now time to re-evaluate these goals and adjust them to reality. That doesn’t mean cancel them or completely forget about them under the current circumstances. However, we should take a careful look at them, see how fast or slow we are moving towards them and how we can get there given the new reality. Some of us may have the chance to approach them more easily if our working conditions have become more flexible. Others between us may be slowing down towards them. This is the time to re-evaluate our goals and set a new, flexible, course of action.

2. Be realistic.

What tiny victory have you achieved recently towards your goal? What is another small step you can take on today to get there?

Your way of progress during Covid-19 is fundamentally different that your usual one. Don’t beat yourself up if you are not moving the way you expected. Instead, acknowledge that you allow minor setbacks to delay you, but not stop you.

3. Reward yourself.

When we allow ourselves small awards for accomplishing milestones during our study routine, this way we build strong habit loops that will last a long time. 

Create a basic studying schedule with attainable goals to be reached in a specific period of time.

Know that when you stick to it and accomplish the task at hand, then you can reward yourself. Depending on the importance of the target reached then, you can reward yourself accordingly.

Some ways of self-reward:

-Eating a piece of your favourite dessert.

-Watching an extra episode of your favourite series.

-Getting one hour of extra sleep.

-Having a short, unplanned cup of coffee with a friend.

4. Take breaks. 

I used to be the one who never took a break. I used to be the one who wanted to get thing ready as soon as possible. And, of course, in the best way possible. After experiencing a completely frightening burnout last year, my approach towards achieving my daily/weekly and long-term goals has completely changed.

I welcome breaks. Either they last a few minutes or days. My productivity and clarity after them makes me achieve my goals actually faster and with a better quality of work involved.

Learn how to stop. Not quit.

5. Create a social media group.

It is very important that, during this time, you don’t feel isolated. You can simply deal with this by joining a forum of similar course-takers or create your very own social group. You will feel far more encouraged and motivated to continue when you post your progress and so will the other members. You will surely receive great support by people who are also trying to achieve similar goals. You might even inspire some of these people to move more productively towards their goals!

6. Talk to your teacher.

Your teacher is one of the few people who can understand exactly what you are going through when you miss out on your motivation and will. It is high time you regarded him as a solid ally during this time and confide in them your fears, hopes and thoughts. It is certain that they will help you understand what stopped you and how you will get unstuck. They will also provide a variety of new learning styles and techniques that you haven’t tried so far. They may even help you create a more organised program for your weekly schedule that will not have you left so overwhelmed.

Your teacher and you are a team. Allow them to show you the way, even during distance learning.

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