How can we learn a new language fast?

“How fast can I learn a new language?” “I have been studying French for years, but I cannot utter a single word when the time comes…” “I study vocabulary every day but when I try to write a composition I can never remember the word I want to use…” “I know someone who got a […]

5 Ways to improve our concentration when learning a new language!

How can we improve our concentration when our mobile never stops ringing, or even worse beeping! And then there is this old friend, whom we haven’t seen for ages just texting us! Our unread emails are about 291 and the dog from the next balcony hasn’t stopped barking all day! Our books and note-books are […]

5 Steps to start speaking a foreign language

How many times have you ever wished you could just magically start speaking a foreign language? Extra-sharpened pencils, rubber at hand, colorful highlighters, brand new paper-scented note-books and our foreign language student’s and grammar books are on their way.. and here we go! We hesitantly write our first words, which later become complete phrases and […]

5 myths when learning a new language

There are some widely held myths when it comes to start learning a new language that discourage most learners from making the first step towards this goal. After thinking about it again and again, discussing it with our friends, we have finally decided to fearlessly embark on this new adventure. We have found a teacher, […]